Mobile Medical Unit of the Mission with its team of doctors and Paramedical workers visits the slum and interior areas of Adityapur, Mango, Kandra, Kuluptanga, Kudada, Haldipukur and Patamda. During the year 2015-2016, 31866 patients were treated and were given free medicines.

A medical team conducts Free Health Check-up camps for the students of our 16 schools round the year.

Free Eye Camps

Every year we organize Free Eye Camps for Cataract Operations for the poor villagers of the Tribal blocks of Chandil, Patamda, Potka and Jamshedpur in the Jharkhand state.

8 Free Eye camps for Cataract Operation were organised in 2015-2016 in collaboration with Purnima Netralaya, Jamshedpur. Altogether 1031 patients were screened and 465 Intra-ocular lens (IOL) surgeries were performed and 382 spectacles were given free. Each patient was given one woolen blanket.

Under the Pallimangal activities 5 charitable Homeopathic Dispensaries are run in the remote villages of East Singhbhum district viz., Paharpur, Boram, Metyala, Mango and Adityapur. Clinics are held three days a week at Paharpur, Boram, Metyala and once a week at Mango and Adityapur. During the year 2015-2016, 2068, 1413, 6533, 1089 and 1557 patients (12660 patients in total) were treated respectively through these dispensaries.

Every year we conduct Free Eye Check-Up Camps for Students.

During 2015-2016, Free Eye Check- ups were conducted for  students of the 18 schools. Among them, 348 students having eye problems were treated in Purnima Neralaya free of charge and 250 students were given spectacles free of charge.